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Delicious Guest Experience Options at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards




Tinhorn Creek Vineyards offers a $5 per person tasting (includes GST) of 4 wines from 10am to 6pm daily (until 4pm Nov - Feb). Tasting fee is waived with wine purchase.

For groups (+8) please contact us 24 hours in advance.

*complimentary for Crush Club members


Interested in taking your winery experience to the next level? Wine enthusiasts and private groups looking for a relaxed, educational and enhanced wine tasting experience please book one of the packages below.


Guided Winery Tasting Tour** 

Premium guided winery and vineyard tour, a special glimpse into the winemaking process including a barrel cellar visit. The wine ambassador will guide you through a fun and educational wine tour with wine tastings along the way. 

This tour covers all areas of our winery, starting outside and beginning with the history and the region. Then moving to one of our viewing galleries to get a glimpse into the winemaking process in our cellar and crush pad. Followed by a tour of our Demonstration Vineyard, an interactive vineyard that provides an inside perspective of how our vineyards operate; and an opportunity to taste the grapes (depending on the time of year). The final stop is our Barrel Cellar to learn more about our winemaker’s oak program and the influence different barrels have on winemaking. 

$20 per person + GST, 45 minutes.

Offered daily at 11am. Please contact us to book or book below. 

Book Here


Food and Wine Pairing Lab**       NEW EXPERIENCE COMING SOON!

Premium guided food and wine sensory experience. Roll up your sleeves & bring your adventurous side as you become an alchemist with your food.  You will be creating unique food items that you will pair with  the wines. Come & see how the wines tastes change in this fun, interactive pairing lab. 

This experience will be an in-depth exploration into some of our most popular wines paired with food. Roll up your sleeves and bring your adventurous side as you will be the alchemist with your food! Each wine will have a unique food item paired with it, that you will be creating. Come and experience how these foods will change the way your wine tastes in this fun and interactive wine and food pairing lab.

$40 per person + GST, 60 minutes.

Please contact us in advance to book. 

Coming Soon!


Let's be Franc!** 

Premium seated guided tasting exploring Cabernet Franc.  A unique opportunity to sample a delicious selection of award winning BC Cabernet Franc wines and the different styles produced by this Okanagan treasure. Accompanied with some food pairings.

The tour includes a structured tasting with the wine samples going into a depth of a sensory experience with the different styles of Cabernet Franc! The wine ambassador will guide you through the different wine making of each wine, where the guests will be encouraged to smell aromas to help determine the characteristics of the wine. There will be Cabernet Franc themed food parings for each wine. *Offerings and Experience may be different due to COVID-19, discounts may apply*

$40 per person + GST, 60 minutes.

Please contact us in advance to book. 

Contact us to book 


Tinhorn Black Glass Tasting**  

Take wine tasting to the next level! The black glass tasting removes the sense of sight to focus your nose and palate and play detective to determine the wine. Our wine ambassador will guide you along the way on this interactive and educational experience, a great option for guests that want a fun challenge.

The wine ambassador will guide you through a structured in-depth evaluation, focusing on the different characteristics of the wines to help you determine what varietal the wines are and how to identify them.

$20 per person + GST, 30 minutes.

Please contact us in advance to book. 

Contact us to book 


Crush Club Wine Experience Lounge

Looking for a private seated wine tasting experience?

Our VIP Crush Club Wine Lounge offers a guided flight of 4 samples of wine (2 oz per glass) in varietal specific stemware; with time allowed afterwards for you to relax and enjoy the comforts of our premium private lounge. Feeling indulgent? Let us know beforehand and we can add a charcuterie board from Miradoro ($35 + GST).

$20 per person + GST, ($15 per person for Crush Club Members + GST), 60 minutes.

Offered daily between 11am  to 4pm. Please contact us in advance to book below.

Book Here


**15% discount for Crush Club members.

Prices and availability subject to change.




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