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Grapes ready to Harvest at tinhorn Creek. Our Vineyards

We have gravelly, rocky soil and sandy, loamy soil. We even have microclimates and the occasional alluvial fan. What’s an alluvial fan?
Think deposits of tasty nutrients left over from a long, long time ago.


Tinhorn Creek Vineyard | Diamondback Vineyard

These parcels aren’t all in the same place; in fact, we own two very distinct tracts of land – or terroir – in the South Okanagan’s Golden Mile region. We farm 50 acres at our winery (the Tinhorn Creek vineyard) and 100 acres on the Black Sage Bench (the Diamondback vineyard).

Our Tinhorn Creek Vineyard on the west bench gives the vines front row seating to the sunrise and sweet morning light – Gewürztraminer and Muscat love it. Across the valley, the Diamondback Vineyard soaks up the heat and those intense afternoon rays – our Merlot and Cabernet Franc couldn’t be happier.

Yet the best land in the world wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t take care of it. So we do our best to keep things ecologically friendly. Check out what we’re doing to be sustainable.